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Keileb Wayne's Bio

joined 8/30/2011

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Keileb Wayne
Keileb Wayne the Black & Tan Male Daug / Stands 8 inches tall / Weighs 13 lbs / Born 3/13/1992 in San Jose, California / Lives with SerenaSioux in Las Vegas, NV (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
The Waynester, but always Keileb :-)
Came From
The most Awesome you could ever get in a Dog! The Best that we have ever had...
Favorite Toy
Use to be Tug A War with anything we gave him to play with :-)
Favorite Hobby
Cuddling with us under the Covers :-)
Favorite Food
Most anything...
Favorite Treat
Bacon :-)
Favorite Trick
Was just being Smart, you tell him something once and he knew what to do...
Favorite Place To Sleep
With us :-)
Favorite Place To Play
Where ever we are :-)
Favorite Place To Walk
Where ever we go :-)
People :-)
Keileb he likes everything and everyone :-)
Keileb Wayne's Story & Details
Keileb is 19yrs old and has been with my Hubby and I since the Beginning :-) We got him when he was only 4wks old and he was the cutest thing that we had ever seen, it was Love at 1st Sight... Keileb he was to help fill the void in my life when I was told that I would never have any Children... Well he made me forget and made me as Happy as I could ever be, I looked forward to him always being with me where ever I went as he always did... A few years down the road I became Pregnant and I thank Keileb for that... Keileb he will always be my 1st born...
But sadly he is not doing very well as of a few days ago :'( he is Blind in Both Eyes, Deaf in Both Ears and doesn't seem to know who we are anymore :'( But I wanted to make something very Special for him to always remember him... It is just now a matter of time before he Crosses over to "The Rainbow Bridge" and when he does we will both be very Broken Hearted because we have always thought of him as our Child our 1st Born... To be Cont...

Keileb Wayne's Puppy Pad

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