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Marirose's Bio

joined 12/27/2011

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Marirose the Black Female Borador / Stands 30 inches tall / Weighs 40 lbs / Born 1/11/2010 in Western Pennsavania / Lives with mwzeus in Atlantic City, NJ (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Mary, Boobala
Came From
Jokester and energetic
Favorite Toy
Any Ball
Favorite Hobby
Fetch on the beach and swiming in the ocean
Favorite Food
Favorite Treat
Bone filled with chease and bacon
Favorite Trick
Favorite Place To Sleep
Couldeled up with her Dad
Favorite Place To Play
The Beach
Favorite Place To Walk
The Beach, Plaza Place
Belly scratched, behind the ear scratched, crowds on the beach watching her fetch.
Cars, but we are changing that.
Marirose's Story & Details
This is the story of Marirose who found me over the internet.

I have wanted a dog for several years after I lost my dog Bear and my cat Ziggy. My wife and her family have all ways been cat people and a little intimidated by dogs. I searched through pet finder for the dog for me. I really wanted a black lab but really just looking for the dog for me.

Every time I found a dog I was interested in it was not available. My wife was still grieving the loss of our precious cat Ziggy.
A co-worker suggested looking at collies.

I found a Collie portal and performed a search. Up came the page and the first hit was a Border collie/black lab mix. The lab head seemed to big for the small body but I new she was for me. She was available through a shelter in Western PA, some 6 hours away from me. After contacting the shelter and filing the paperwork I was approved. Sight un seen my wife said go get your dog.

It turns out Marirose had been neglected and abused and thank god for that rescue. At 3 months she had endured terrible treatment.

I met the owner of the rescue in a truck stop in Carlise PA. The first thing Marirsoe did when we met was roll on her back and let me rub her belly. We both new we were ment to be together. It is now almost 2 years later. My in-laws who were so afraid of dogs and are 80 years old walk her every morning. Improving there health and well being. Everyone in the neighbor knows her and loves her. We go to the beach daily and let her run free. Crowds gather as she fetches her ball runs back and throws it at me for another go. My wife and I do not know what life would be without her and never want to know. She has given so much to my whole family. She loves other animals, is great with people and loyal to the bone. She is a beautiful soul inside and out.

This is the story of Marirose who found me over the internet.

Marirose's Puppy Pad

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