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In Loving Memory

joined 1/20/2012

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Isham the Blue Male Bullmasador / Stands 24 inches tall / Weighs 35 lbs / Born 9/1/2011 to 4/9/2012 in Tennessee / Lives with carriejunia in Gruetli-Laager, TN (United States)


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Came From
He is very sweet and playful, sometimes he tries to be bull headed but I dont give in and he listens. Oh he has a lot of gas.
Favorite Toy
Right now, anything he can chew on, lol
Favorite Hobby
Learning tricks, he is very eager to please
Favorite Food
Before I got him, he was being fed table scraps so now I'm still currently trying to find the right dog food for him. Any suggestions appreciated
Favorite Treat
He loves the Canine carry outs, beef flavor treats
Favorite Trick
By the second day I had him he was already sitting and laying down on command for a treat, now when I tell him to sit, he sits but then lays down, lol
Favorite Place To Sleep
At night in the bed with me, he has his on side, but in the day he likes to lay in the floor in front of the heater
Favorite Place To Play
When inside he likes to play with my son running around and fetching a tennis ball, but outside he loves to play with the other dogs
Favorite Place To Walk
We have four acres so I walk him around the property, he likes to check out everything, he is very curious
He loves being around his family, cuddles with everyone
He doesnt currently like to ride in cars and he hates to be left alone
Isham's Story & Details
very very sad, i miss my baby!

Isham's Puppy Pad

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