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Buddha's Bio

joined 2/12/2012

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Buddha the Brown & Apricot Male Boxweiler / Stands 27 inches tall / Weighs 75 lbs / Born 7/29/2011 in Somerset, Pennsylvania / Lives with SamWoodling in Colver, PA (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
No (Microchipping Information)
Bood, Boody.
Came From
Smart, Energetic, Sneaky, Loving, Hilarious.
Favorite Toy
Tuggy rope.
Favorite Hobby
Begging for food.
Favorite Food
Favorite Treat
Favorite Trick
He can catch food in his mouth, no matter how far away you are when you throw it.
Favorite Place To Sleep
On his pile of blankets.
Favorite Place To Play
In the yard.
Favorite Place To Walk
Barking at people/dogs till they play with him, Food, Bones, Digging, Sneaking out, Howling with the fire sirens, Doing his head tilt, Playing.
Being ignored
Buddha's Story & Details
I found Buddha online when I was looking for a puppy. My boyfriend and I drove about an hour away to pick a puppy from a litter of 9. I noticed that the puppies were really small and that there was atleast 5 other adult dogs in the living in the small house. The breeder let us know that the mother to the puppies was in the garage because she might not have let us around her puppies. The breeder had three little boys running around holding the puppies by their necks. The litter was only 4 weeks old but the breeder insured us that they were ready to go because they were eating watered down dog food. We picked our pup, gave the lady her money then got the heck out of there.

In my eyes, I was getting a puppy out of a bad situation. We got Buddha home and quickly noticed that he wouldn't eat the watered down puppy chow that we bought for him, and he would barely drink water. We thought that if we left his food and water out for him overnight he would eventually eat but he didnt. The next day I went out and bought him puppy formula and bottle fed him for the next 2 weeks or so.

Buddha definately had a rough beginning. With him living at my boyfriends house, he was left alone during most of the day so he wasn't really getting trained at all. He wasn't getting the attention that he so desperately needed so I moved him into my parents house with me.

He was house trained within a day or two and playing wonderfully with my german shepherd mix and my chihuahua mix. That was a big relief because they used to be terrified of Buddha for some reason. If you were carrying him around they would run away from you so fast, haha.

It was so crazy watching Buddha go from a defensless little puppy who couldn't walk too far without completely falling over sideways to now, a big dog with a big mouth and an even bigger heart. Within the last 6 months this dog has completely blown my mind many times. He has my other dogs acting like puppies again, which is expecially wonderful for my chihuahua because he was way overweight before Buddha came along. My family usually watches buddha play instead of watching Tv in the livingroom, he definately is funnier than tv :).

So, for a little summary on the type of dog Buddha is incase you're looking into getting a boxweiler, he's smart or even sneaky - he learned how to open the latch to our fence and ran wild for a night. He's adorable - he always tilts his head when you yell at him or make a funny noise at him. He's friendly - he has never even tried to bite someone in anger, only biting like any puppy would, except he is a really big puppy so sometimes it can hurt a little (75 pounds at 6 months!). He has some sort of understanding as to how he can play with other dogs. Usually when he wants to play with one of the dogs he will bring his toy over to them and literally rub it in their face and if they dont try to pull it away from him, he sneaks behind them and bites their tails and runs away super fast, haha. With the smaller dog, he doesnt even play bite him when they play, he just opens his mouth and drools all over him. Anyway, he doesn't shed. The training with him is at about a medium attention level, his exersize he needs is at about a medium level. As for getting along with other dogs and people, he's the friendliest dog you'll ever meet :)

Buddha's Puppy Pad

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