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Cian's Bio

joined 3/15/2012

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Alaskan Shepherd
Cian the Brown & Tan Male Alaskan Shepherd / Stands 12 inches tall / Weighs 15 lbs / Born 1/4/2012 in Portland Oregon / Lives with JoshCharmley in Othello, WA (United States)


No (Spay & Neuter Information)
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Came From
Alpha personality.Playful, adventurous, sweet (after play time)
Favorite Toy
Racoon with No stuffing.
Favorite Hobby
Right Now Biting our fingures and arms. lol
Favorite Food
Blue Buffalow Large Breed Puppy
Favorite Treat
Milk Bone Puppy
Favorite Trick
Sit and Wait.
Favorite Place To Sleep
At our Feet
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
Getting visitors.
Bitter Apple Spray.
Cian's Story & Details
My Puppies Name is Cian (pronounced Ki-en / Ki-an) It's an old Irish Name which means Ancient, Legendary, and Amazing.

I wanted a German Shepherd X Alaskan Malamute for a while. And I found only 1 person with pups within a 500 mile radious, and they were in Portland Oregon. (thats a 10-11 hour drive round trip) So we went and picked him up. I told my Fiance that it was Fate that I found him online, lol.

He was the leader of his litre of 6 pups (3 Males 3 Females.) His Father is a white Pure bred German Shepherd and his Mother is a Tri- color Purebred Malamute. Both Parents are very playful and sweet, intelligent dogs.

We've only had Cian for about 4 weeks now. We are planning to take him to puppy obedience school once he's received all his shots. His main problem is mouthing, he is constantly biting our hands, fingurs, arms, ect. But he's gained 5 pounds in 3 weeks and he's starting to draw blood when he bites us. Thankfully we're half way through the shots now, lol.

Cian's Puppy Pad

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