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Baby's Bio

joined 3/29/2012

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Baby the Black Female Lab-Chow / Stands 23 inches tall / Weighs 56 lbs / Born 1/18/2001 in Buda, IL / Lives with sarahf128 in Buda, IL (United States)


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Baby Girl...Baba...Bahbuh
Came From
Sweet, Calm, Loving, playful, she is the whole package:)
Favorite Toy
our socks:) she doesnt chew them she just lays on them:)
Favorite Hobby
Favorite Food
purina healthy radiance
Favorite Treat
bacon treats
Favorite Trick
she likes to just get threw it so alls i have to say is sit and she will sit, lay down, and then roll over :) just give me the treat lady! lol
Favorite Place To Sleep
as close to us as possible
Favorite Place To Play
outside in the yard
Favorite Place To Walk
around our little town
playing with mom and dad and snuggling:)
thunderstorms, and loud noises
Baby's Story & Details
My sister originally got Baby from a person here in town as well as her brother. Where my sister lived was on the outskirts of town more country area, Baby's brother took off and was never found. My sister ended up losing her house and couldn't take care of her. my brother said he would since i was only 15 at the time and my mother really didn't want another dog in the house since we already had a German Shepard. But something about that dog kept bringing her to brother at the time also lived out in the country and every morning he would let her out to the bathroom and she would take off and come into town and at 5:15 every morning i would go downstairs and find her on the deck:) i would let her in and she would sleep with me until i woke back up and called my brother and he would come pick her up. Finally after many weeks and possibly months begging my mom to let me just keep her that she was happier here with me she caved and i got to call my baby girl MINE!:) i have had her now for 10 years she is 11 going on 12 now and i couldn't imagine life without her! She makes me laugh every day! and there is no better feeling knowing not only did i pick her but she picked me as well...she will be forever my baby:)

Baby's Puppy Pad

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