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Fletcher's Bio

joined 5/17/2012

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Fletcher the Tan & White Male Beabull / Stands 18 inches tall / Weighs 55 lbs / Born 7/27/2011 in Ohio / Lives with Jlbroce in Mansfield, OH (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Fletch, Bubby
Came From
Friendliest Dog alive!! Loves EVERYBODY!!
Favorite Toy
Rubber rings to tug and chase
Favorite Hobby
Favorite Food
Iams Puppy
Favorite Treat
Beggin strips
Favorite Trick
"Shake" - It's his version of begging
Favorite Place To Sleep
Favorite Place To Play
Anywhere he can
Favorite Place To Walk
Bike path near home
Everyone and any animal he comes across, chewing
Smoke detector noise, bedtime when he's not ready and crating, people talking to him or each other while he's sleeping
Fletcher's Story & Details
Answered ad for "Miniature English Bulldog". Instead found a tiny ball of wrinkles and licks. He was very shy at first and clung to my husband and I, developing an Upper Respiratory Infection almost as soon as we had him home. First couple of weeks were very rough with a very sick puppy who made many, many trips to the vet. He was soon better and really became himself.

He was very, very stubborn in training, but proved himself to be very smart, learning a few basic tricks very quickly- including a hilarious "crawl". He loves to play tug and tears apart any toy that comes his way. He did mouth A LOT when he was a puppy, but finally came out of that at around 6 mos old. He's an incredible jumper who encourages us to keep the kitchen counter spotless. He's a ridiculously friendly puppy who so far shows absolutely no protective instincts but instead loves on every single person or animal he comes across. He's a big baby when he's tired and loves to cuddle and let us pull on his loose skin when he gets his pets. Amazing dog- couldn't ask for better.

Fletcher's Puppy Pad

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