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Precious's Bio

joined 2/7/2016

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Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Precious the Black & Gray Female Pit Bull Terrier Mix / Stands 15 inches tall / Weighs 37 lbs / Born 3/15/2014 in Hawthorne, ca / Lives with Preciousmama in El Segundo , CA (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
No (Microchipping Information)
Lil mama
Came From
Friendly and energetic
Favorite Toy
Stuffed monkey
Favorite Hobby
Favorite Food
Favorite Treat
Favorite Trick
Favorite Place To Sleep
Wherever we sleep especially on my feet
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
Running along side my bike or skateboard, chasing things, tug o war,
Baths! I she hates them
Precious's Story & Details
Precious' father is a blue nose Pitt bull named hayabusa he weighs about 70 lbs and is a really sweet chill dog. Her mother is a terrier of some sort what type exactly we are not sure. She is about 15 pounds and has a really long wirey light brown coat. Hayabusa belonged to a friend of a friend and our friend who lived in the same apartment building as us dog sat him for about 2 weeks about a month before precious was born. Ash and I fell in love with him he is such a great dog. Well about a month later our neighbor came home with 5 little puppies that he said hayabusa was thier dad and the mom was his neighbors little terrier I guess hayabusa escaped into thier yard one day and got it on with the little terrier. Apparently the mother rejected her puppies and would not let them breast feed. So our neighbor volunteered to take on the challenge of taking care of them and trying to find them a home. Ash and I had been talking about getting a puppy for a few months and we had been looking at Pitt Bulls at local rescues. I have had 2 female Pitt Bulls in the past both of whom have passed on and I love this breed they are the greatest dogs in the world in my opinion. So when he brought the puppies home we came and saw them and they were all climbing all over each other and crying a lot but there was one girl who with all the chaos was just laing down chillin yawning at the other puppies almost like a little zen master. So we said we want that one and took her home(oh how deceptive that first impression was cause she turned out to be a little bundle of energy) she was 3bweeks old when we took her home and we bottle feed her for the first 5or 6 weeks we had her before weening her off the formula and on to dry food. She could barely stand and couldn't see very well when we first got her. As she started to earn to walk it was so funny because at first she could only walk backwords so she would go around backing up to everything. She is a climber from the start too no matter what kind of beliefs we would make she always found her way over them slowly but surely she would be very patient and relentless in her attempts to climb walls but would always succeed in time. She is super inelegant at 9 weeks I thought her sit, lay down, and shake with one paw then the other in one sitting that took about an hour. A few weeks later I was able to teach her roll over in about 2 hours and to this day she is a master of all 3. She is a little rocket ship unbelievably fast. She has that same double suspension gallop like a Greyhound or whippet. When I take her to the beach she just hauls ass kicking up a rooster tail behind her playing fetch or chasing birds. She also has amazing stamina she loves running along side my bike while I ride and we have done rides as far as 13 miles and it didn't even seem to phase her one bit when we got home she was still wanting to play and running around blows my mind. As a young pup up untill about 3 months she looked just like a Pitt bull super short fur and a big Ole dinosaur lookin head and short stocky body but as she grew up she hot longer and thinner built and her her fur around 4-5 months really started sprouting a lot of longer wirey grey colored hairs starting on her chin and eventually spreading all over. She's just a great loving fun dog and I'm really happy to get to experience life with her!

Precious's Puppy Pad

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