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Kodiak (Kodi)'s Bio

joined 1/17/2009

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Kodiak (Kodi)
Kodiak (Kodi) the Fawn Male Griffonshire / Stands 10 inches tall / Weighs 7 lbs / Born 10/10/2008 in Mid-West / Lives with kodiak in NORFOLK, VA (United States)


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Came From
Timid but bouncy
Favorite Toy
Favorite Hobby
Chase the cat and fetch the ball
Favorite Food
Favorite Treat
Chicken strip
Favorite Trick
Favorite Place To Sleep
My lap
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
connecting the leash ro his harness
Kodiak (Kodi)'s Story & Details
I am happy to announce the unexpected, yet joyful arrival of our latest family member, Sir Kodiak Griffonshire, affectionately known as Kodi. Three month old Kodi comes from a little known dog breed called Griffonshire, hence his last name. Griffonshires are in fact a hybrid of two AKC recognized breeds, the Brussels Griffon and the Yorkshire Terrier. This adorable young man currently weighs 2.6 lbs and stands 8 inches tall from his paw to the tip of his pointed ears. His expected adult height is a staggering 10-12 inches and a massive weight of between 6-10 lbs.

You may be wondering how we settled upon Kodi's first name Kodiak. Well, when we first held this bundle of fur and looked into those cute eyes. Our first impression was "He looks just like a child's tiny stuffed bear". So we kicked around the name Teddy. Then we noticed that his coloring and markings are like that of the Kodiak Bears in Alaska and well, there you have it!
Kodi has a sweet and timid disposition, unlike his namesake, which makes it highly doubtful he'll ever attempt to rip your leg off. He is however very keen on lying in your lap, belly up of course, and if you rub those velvety soft ears, he'll be asleep in 60 seconds.

Kodiak (Kodi)'s Puppy Pad

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