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Shih-Poo Hair

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I have a black with some white Shih-Poo 4 months old. His hair on his paws and head are nice silky black but the rest of him is almost dry and a little corse. When I bathe him, his fur feels soft but he still doesn't look silky. Any suggestions to get his silky,shinny black hair back?[:)]


Hey jayntim, I have tried many different shampoos and conditioners to which none have given me the results I've been looking for with my shihpoo. However, about five weeks ago I switched Opal to a grain-free food called Orijen and it has made all the difference in her coat! It's so soft and shiny again like it was when she was a puppy! I saw in another thread you have a picky pup when it comes to food so maybe it's not an option to switch again, but just wanted to let you know!

Thanks for the info. Is this a dry food only or do you mix with wet can food as well? I may actually think about switching over.Thanks again

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