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Discussions > Food & Nutrition > Food > Daniff Food questions ..... Please HELP.

Daniff Food questions ..... Please HELP.

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My name is Tami and im new on here. I have a Daniff that is about 14 weeks old and i only wont to best for him can anyone give me some tips on food, treats, and vitamins that would be good. I also heard in another group that you should NOT feed then puppy food because the protein is to high so they should only have adult dog food. Please help me with this im clue less.[size=3][/size=3][teal][/teal]


I don't think "puppy foods" are necessary. I fed my puppy Nature's Variety since I got him, until I switched to raw. It's good for all stages of a dogs life, & in my opinion an altogether good dog food.
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Puppy foods are not needed. They are useful in rescue situations when you are needing to add weight quickly. I have a LabraDane, and I looked to Dane experts because I had never had any dealings with Danes, and I have learned lots. Especially regarding health and nutrition. Danes have a predisposed threat of BLOAT, which can be deadly. So you need to use caution in what we feed them. Anything with corn products are bad, because corn is not easily "digested" by humans, and nearly impossible for dogs. Therefore it can be linked to causing bloat. I generally feed a combination of corn free kibble (something like Diamond) and raw (chicken w/ bones, beef, etc whatever the butcher has) I know there is a lot of controversy over raw feeding, but I think that it has worked wonders, I've even seen a change in my American Bulldog, her coat is healthier, she doesn't have the urgent or ooops poops and she is not constantly hungry. Good luck[:D]
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Hi, My name is Tammy & I am new to this site. I own a Mastador (Brutus) who just turned a year old on Dec 1st. I fed Brutus Earthborn Holistic Puppy Food until he was 6 months old, then switched him to Earthborn Primitive Naturals which is Grain Free. He has had a personal battle with food allergies [:(] His food now is 38% protein. My vet said he is doing much better since the switch 6 months ago.He has gained muslce mass & put on the weight that he should have. To me, I think feeding puppy food is a personal choice. For my little one Lilly (Toy Poodle) I fed her Evo Little Bites & she did well on that & it has 42% protein, and she is only 6 lbs. Now all 3 of my dogs eat E.B. and they are all healthy. For Brutus he takes Glucosimine & Fish Oil tabs daily for helathy joints & muscles & for a healthy skin & coat. Good Luck with you pup [:)]
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Hello, My vet tells us to not give our dog Goliath puppy food she said for big dog breeds like him that puppy food can cause them to grow really fast and cause them latter in life bone and joint problems so our dog has been perfectly fine on adult dog food all his life. We do how ever use puppy food for our mal-shi who just recently had puppys the puppy food helped give her just what she needed to feed herself and her 7 puppys.
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Interesting discussion on puppy food. I went through a period of time when I wanted and needed more information on what to do for my dog when she was a puppy and my Vet gave me some interesting options and information but said it was my choice in the end. I ended up talking with a dog Dietitian who help steer me in the right direction for my dog. Each dog is individual and decision should be made based on the individual dog or puppy and not based on the general rule. I hope you find the information you are looking for.

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