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Discussions > Member Specific > New Members > I've actually been here since June, but have never used a forum!

I've actually been here since June, but have never used a forum!

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I thought it was about time that I introduced myself to people, seeing as I have been here for 8 months now but apart from upload photographs, have never actually used anything else on the site! Well, my name's Annika, my partners name is Amy and our doggy is called Sky. She is a spayed Chihuahua cross King Charles Spaniel and is 10 months old. She's an extremely friendly and rather excitable (we're working on the excitement!) and loves meeting new people. When she meets another dog she tends to lie down as she's very submissive towards other dogs, but as soon as they've introduced themselves by sniffing her and allowing themselves to be sniffed she gets up and starts to play! We're currently looking for a Chihuahua or small Chihuahua cross for her to have as a companion, but as I feel its more important to find the right dog, than the first dog, we're taking our time in looking. We live in Cardiff, Wales, UK, and I'm a university student studying graphic design, whilst my partner Amy is a deputy manager for Aldi. We do have one more pet, and that's a rabbit named Hugo. After taking vets advice to stop his foot stomping and attempts at humping our legs we got him neutered, but unfortunately it's done more harm than good, making him a pretty grumpy bugger! We love him all the same though. :-) Anyway, you can see the pictures of Sky by clicking me, she's the only dog I own, so it shouldn't be hard. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from some of you soon. :-)

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Hi Annika! :D I love her ears! Welcome to the site (even though you've been here longer than me..haha). I think it's so cool meeting new people that have such unique dogs.
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Hi there, Thanks, her ears are my fave part of her too :) We've finally got a chihuahua now (after months on end of pining for one) Sky was a bit jealous at first, but he's been here for 4 days now and they get along just fine. They play fight all the time and play tug of war with string :) Your doggy looks like an absolute cutie too. Hope everything is well with you. Annika

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