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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > 5 month puppy's ear sudendly drooping

5 month puppy's ear sudendly drooping

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[size=6][size=5][font=Comic Sans MS]Hi, My Cojack puppy (Corgi X jack Russell)Eavie's ears have been standing stright up since she was 12 weeks old. She is now 5 months and her left ear is drooping of hanging like a spaniels ears. We have a huge flea problem at the moment and i am using a combination of dip, spt on and flea collars to try and control the problem. Could the fleas have gone into her ear? she doesnt seem in any pain, when i massage the ear or behind the ear she doesnt wine, but she does shake her head and scratch it alot. We are very worried about it but our nearest vet is 120KM away so im hoping that someone will be able to help before we go for the BIG TREK. thank you KIM[/font=Comic Sans MS][/size=5][/size=6]

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