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Discussions > Breed Specific > Newfypoo > how big will he get????

how big will he get????

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hey ya'll i have a newfiepoo male who is 5 months old today and weighs 46lbs. we were trying to guess how big he may get??? was hopin someone with an adult could give me some examples of theirs!??? also my guy is a talker too.... cept i think hes talking back and believes he needs the last word!!!!! [:)] hope everyone had a great weekend!!! mb

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hi. i was wondering where you got your newfiepoo? i've been looking for a breeder some time and have been unsuccessful at locating any. thank you, Heidi
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I'm looking for a newfypoo breeder in either the Ohio or Vermont surrounding areas! My boyfriend loves newfoundlands and I love poodles. This would be the perfect dog for us! Please help :)
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Our male Newfypoo is just over two years old and seems to have topped out at 75 pounds. He looks WAY bigger than this because of his coat. And he is very strong, needs the gentle leader when walking!!! Great dog though...he does bark a little more than we'd like, definitely talks back. I wonder if it's the poodle that makes them such talkers?
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also forgot to add ours was 44 pounds at 5 months, pretty close

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