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New Chiweenie Mommy

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I'm new to all this and am getting a chiweenie puppy when they turn of age, can anyone that has them give me some advice or let me know how there's is about barking? I live in a rented house and DON"T want a barker, plus we have cats and I would love to know if anyone else has cats how there chiweenie did with them. Thank you.[8D]

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I know this topic is old, but in case anyone else is wandering... The cats shouldn't be a problem as long as you teach the dogs 'no means NO', preferably as young as possible. One of my Chiweenies did chase occassionally, but it wasn't much of a problem. A problem he did have is one day, out of the blue, he killed an Easter duck. The duck had stuck it's head through the fence and Mr. Weenie just grabbed and then went on his merry way, dead duck behind him, just that quick. That would be the Dachshund. Don't trust them alone around small animals. Barking isn't a big deal. They will bark when people arrive, or when there are knocks, even if it isn't on the door, and sometimes when there is especially active rough-housing going on with the kids. So teaching a "quiet" command might be a good idea. But overall, they aren't usually noisy when playing, just when doing "guard dog" impressions. Just remember when they do bark, it's quite a big dog bark, louder then you might expect. Also, when we had to place our girl in an outside pen for the first time, she was very noisy. We were rearranging the house and didn't want the pets underfoot. So, crate training might be a small issue depending on how the puppy was raised. Something you should be aware of is that they might take a bit longer to housebreak. They're smart, but for some reason they seem to take longer on potty training compared to some other dogs. They are average and above on learning tricks, but not going wee wee in the kitchen? Seems to be beyond some of them. I've even watched one walk to the opened door, look outside, and go on the threshold. Then continue outside. So try to be patient on this issue! If you are still active sammiegirl9, I'd love to hear about your puppy (assuming you got one)! [:)]

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