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Potty Training tips

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Try taking the Wee Pad and dabbing up his urine and putting a bit of BM on it so he knows where his smell is. They go back to their smell. Move the Wee Pad to where he has selected to go - at least until he decides to use them. Catching them in the naughty act is the best. I make a noise that startles them. Then love them up and take them to the pad there their scent is. Also, a new or young puppy shouldn't have too much unsupervised freedom. He won't spend a lot of time or wonder far looking for a pad, so either keep him confined or keep an eye on him until you can trust him. If you are training to go outside take them to the same place every time. Pick up any “accidents” and take it to that space. You can even dab up urine with a rag and put the rag near the spot. Take him out frequently, maybe every hour the first day, every 1 ½ hours the second few days, etc. Be consistent and don’t let him out of your sight. If you must leave him, put him in a somewhat limited amount of space and see that he has access to a Wee Pad or papers that has his urine and/or BM scent on it. That can be a play yard or even a bathroom or utility room. Make sure the room is free of any possible chemicals or other harmful material and that he has food, water, and chew toys to keep him busy. His Wee Pad should be at the opposite end of his area than his food, water, bed, and toys so he learns that he wants to keep them clean. After an inside accident is cleaned up you can soak it in white vinegar to rid the scent. Remember tat their sense of smell is much more keen than ours.


That was informative, thanks, I learned a lot.
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I agree that was very informative but I never got my puppy to use the pads. We ended up just taking her out every hour and praising her, and giving her treats. It worked up till here in the past mnth or so... Now I need the advice!

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