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Anyone having trouble with DBR???? I can't register my litter!

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I sent in a litter registration more than two months ago to the Designer Breed Registry in MI. This is my first mixed breed litter. I have called them and emailed then numerous times without any reply. Their phone goes directly to voice mail even during working hours. Is this a scam? Anyone have any other insight? What other registry handles designer breeds that I can trust not to just take my money but actually send me my puppy registrations? My puppy owners are getting really mad and I don't blame them. Thanks, Elaine

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Welcome! I can't help you with the DBR but I can tell you that our site has recently partnered with the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR). I have personally spoken with a couple of people there and they are extremely nice and knowledgable. They are currently offering Free Registration of adult dogs and Registration of your first litter free. If you decide to give them a try, and could let them know you found out about them here that would be great! Hope that helps and Best of Luck!
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I am not familiar with the Designer Breed Registry but I would take steps to report them to the Better Business Bureau and tell every one you can not to do business with them. I would also tell your puppy owners not to worry to much and if they paid you ask for more time to investigate this other registry. Good Luck. Oh and can we get the contact information for this Registry so we can try to contact them to. I would like to know where they are at as I live in Mi. Thanks

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