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Discussions > General Topics > Q & A > does anyone know what marley might be mixed with?

does anyone know what marley might be mixed with?

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her papers say lab/rot mix, but there's no way! i looked up a few other people who own black labs with curley tails online, but even those pet owners have no idea what our dogs are mixed with. any help?

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I was wondering do you have a picture of Marley? That would be very helpful. [;)]
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Hello, i was wondering do you puppie have any other markings,like brown or tan on the legs,above the eyes.

I had a male dog whose mom was purebred black lab. He was probably mixed with a hound such as coon hound etc. He was short haired, had a brown face and brown legs and had a "saddle"[:)] of black. His face could have passed for lab. Very sweet but at 8 months was "smart as a whip but stubborn as a mule". Knew all of his commands but only chose to obey them part-time. Got him as a pup but when he grew he was just too much dog for a senior citizen. Pulled me all the time even though he knew commands. Just was an alpha dog and wanted to bully me. Mouthed my hands too hard even in playing. I could not convince him that "I" was the top dog, not him. Found a good home for him and I got a Bichon/Poodle, much better for me! Show us a picture of Marley so we can better know what he may be.

Also forgot in my previous post, My dog also had a curled tail over his back.

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