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Best dog for allergic child

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My youngest and Iare allergic to dogs. I had a cocker spaniel when I was a child. My youngest child is allergic to the boston terrier. Iwas looking at the cavanese (sp). What do you think?

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Hi, my cousin is also allergic to dogs and when she checked with her vet, she was told that Poodle and Poodle hybrids are best for people with allergies. I am sending a website that she found helped her a little. Good Luck.
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My son and I are both allergic to dogs. Afriend of mine has 2 yorkies and we are not bothered by them. We found someone that had Yorkie Pin pups for sale. My husband did some research and found out that miniature pinschers are also good for people with allergies. We now have Mater in our lives and has been for over a year now. No problems and we love him to death!!!![:D]

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