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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > Bichon Skin Allergies

Bichon Skin Allergies

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My little white Bichon/Poodle has skin allergies and she licks her feet til they bleed. The really bad itching just started and I am taking her to the vet this evening to have her checked and possible anti-itch meds. I had her on Benedryl early on in the season which seemed to help some. Then she was on a pain med for a pulled muscle, so i stopped the Beneryl not wanting to over medicate her. I am taking her to vet to hopefully resolve this issue. I tried bitter apple to discourage chewing but didn't really help. She really hates grass as I do believe she wasn't on grass due to being a caged or otherwise housed puppy mill breeder. She has been really hard to housetrain and I just take her often to avoid accidents. She is a rescue and 8 years old so I'm not at all familiar with her past medical history other than the past year when she was rescued by a group. Any answers other than Prednisone?

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We have a bichon that does the same thing (licks himself till he bleeds). We use prednisone when it flares up, but the thing that has helped the most was switching his dog food. We did research and ended up with Natural Balance Lamb and Rice Allergy formula: You can ask your vet about it. We get it at Petco, our Petsmart doesn't have it. Good luck.

Thanks for the answer GizzyMom![:)]I've had her on Dick Van Pattens Natural Balance Venison and Sweet Potato Formula Dry and canned and also the Duck and Potato biscuits since I got her as a rescue. She was on Iams when I got her from the rescue, and since she was just getting over a bout of allergies when I got her, I changed to Natural balance as I know that beef, and grains can sometimes be the culprits. I was giving her baby carrots as a treat until my vet said that some of his allergy prone patients are VERY allergic to carrots. The clinic in another state where she was found roaming said she had seasonal allergies. I think it's grass as she hates to walk in grass and wasn't at all used to it when I got her. I think she was a puppy mill mama as She is 8 years old and wasn't spayed until last year. Probably spent her life in a cage. She's not housebroken either. I have to take her out frequently just to avoid the "accidents". She loves everyone and really craves the attention and sometimes she just wants to go off and lay down quietly by herself, but it must be where she can see us. So sweet and gentle, but doesn't know toys and only wants to play with our hands in the morning when she first wakes up (on our bed of course). Thanks again!

Bless your heart for taking in the little cutie....zsazsa has allergies also and I also did research and put her on DVPattens Natural Balance (only at Petco) She does better but still licks a little...I have taught her no to that and when I catch her she know its not a good thing to do. Benedryl works in the spring when its worse. She doesn't lick to bleeding any longer but still a bit. I have had zsa since she was 8 weeks and she doesn't play much with toys either...I think it may be the bichon breed???!!! They were bread for royalty and to sit on laps. But maybe I'm wrong?

I think you are very correct on the lap sitting thing. My little Bichon loves to have me hold her on her back like a baby and rock her til she falls asleep. (She snores also!) Her allergies seem to be better now since the frost and cooler weather. Probably not as much pollen etc now. I have als seen a new product advertised in Dog Fancy Magazine from a company called Nurtured Pets. They have small strips like band aids that sooth and help heal hot spots, surgery sites etc. Will try the pet store. They may help. Thanks to all who responded to my question. Grammy

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