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New member with a Great Weimar

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Hello everybody, I am so glad to see a site for mixed breeds(designer doggies)two weeks ago when i found this little guy i never heard of Great Weimars and ya know what not of alot of people have ..even my vet ! any info...history ...would be great..I have posted a pic of my little blue coated/blue eyed wonder and looking forward to see some of yours!!

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Welcome to the greatest bunch of people on the web! Everyone is so helpful and where else can you find pictures of the most handsome and beautiful little faces ever! I have a 8 (almost 9) month old Chipoo, named Sophie and a 10.5 yr old Malchi, named Roody and they are my best friends. Hope you enjoy yourself and I am going to go look at your little wonder now.
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Hi and, welcome to you and Storm. He is adorable! lots of luck and fun times to you both! I have a 10 year old Cockapoo named Kipper and an 8 mo. old Chipoo named Edward. THis is a great site with lots of nice people and a wonderful mix of dogs!

Wow! What a BEAUTIFUL baby! My goodness. I'll bet he'll be an exceptionally handsome dog someday, too. Hug him for me and for my (considerably shorter) Corgi Bassett mix, Beau. Carol

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