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Discussions > Training > Pottytraining/Housetraining > Bichon/Poodle, indoor and outdoor potty training

Bichon/Poodle, indoor and outdoor potty training

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I have a 11 pound Bichon/Poodlemix. She is a rescue and I take her outside now which she still has accidents when I'm not watching her carefully. How can I retrain her to papers indoors? She is 8 yrs. old and I know this makes it all the more difficult, but please any tips will do. As any Bichon owner knows, they can get a little stubborn streak. Now when outside, if she doesn't want to be there she just plants her feet on the growund and I either tug on her leaseh or pick her up and plant her elsewhere in the yard. Please help. Thank you to all who respond.

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