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Discussions > Training > Pottytraining/Housetraining > Getting the Puppy to go Only Outside

Getting the Puppy to go Only Outside

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We have lifted the Newspaper and we take him out right after he eats and when he wakes up. Is there anything else we should be doing him to get him to go only outside?[:)]


I was recently given a tip by someone who hung a bell on their door and rang it every time she took the puppy outside. Eventually the puppy would go ring the bell on her own when she needed to go out.
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I started training my chi, Midnite when he was only four weeks old. First I tried the paper approach, he wanted to go everywhere but a friend told me to cover my entire second bathroom (which was not in use) with paper. Every day, clean and remove one sheet of newspaper. On the second day, take another one and so on. By the time I got all the papers up, it worked like a charm. When he was around 4 months old and shots were utd, I started taking him out. It took several weeks until I was able to remove the paper totally from the house. Now, I take him and angelbaby out about every 2 hours as she is still in "training"...Hope it helps.

I have three dogs, and the easiest way I found to work, is the tone of my voice. Sounds to easy?? It really is easy. If you catch the puppy going pee, yell "NO" and take him outside. When he pees outside, make a HUGE deal over it. (My husband thinks this is funny), but my puppy would now rather go outside and get praised then stay inside and pee. It takes a few times, but the voice thing really works.
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I completely agree with what member: majkmist has done. We did the exact same thing with our Beabull, Marley, and it worked wonderfully. It took only a few weeks for him to fully grasp that when he "goes" outside, it's the correct behavior. As soon as you spot your pup trying to relieve themselves in your home(or anyone else's for that matter), quickly correct them with a stern "No" (or whatever reprimand you use), scoop them up, if possible, and take them outside. Ours always stopped midstream when we'd pick him up. Set them in the grass, let them finish and congratulate them("good boy/girl, good pee" etc.) as though they have won a Nobel Prize for being the first to do so. we always have a treat as soon as the "deed" was done, not waiting until your back inside to reward them. Must be consistent with this. Have fun and remember they are just learning what u teach them...

Hello.. I have a 10 week old Cheagle.. we have been crate training him. He does very well in his crate, no accidents. We take him out, he pees and poops at least twice and then when we bring him back in, with in 10-15 minutes he will always pee and poop again. It never matters how many times we take him out, he will go outside but always come right back in and do it some more.. I am wondering if it's because he is tiny he can't hold it or he is just so stuborn he refuses to be potty trained! LOL thanks for any advice.. Staci[xx(]

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