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Mastador Puppy Weight

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We adopted a mastiff lab mix from the shelter. The age is anywhere from 10 to 13 weeks. She weighs about 25lbs right now.. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if she was on the right path weight wise.

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we have a mastiff lab mix.. we got marley at 5 months old and he was about 50 pounds.. and ate like a horse.,. now he's 2 and around 130 pds.. i think you are in the right direction... enjoy him/her ours is the best we ever had
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My daughter has a 7 month purebred lab pup and she weighs 45 pounds so it sure looks like you are on the right track. You could check out the web sites for mastiff  and labs for puppies weight at this age and then average it out. Enjoy your puppy. Would love to hear more about your new puppy and the happenings in her life.

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