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New Registry Looking For Board Members Email Me if you Are Interested

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Let me introduce myself, I currently breed Rat terriers. I am a board member for NRTA, as I expand my breeding program to include merles, and brindles, I find myself needing a place to register my dogs, other than UKCI. See I will be breeding merle to brindle, and UKCI will frown on this type of registry. Necessity is the mother of invention. Anyhow, in the designer dog commuinty , we all know the tribulations we go through, to get registry on our dogs. Let me introduce the basis for the need. [font=Georgia][size=6][brown][b]Designer Dogs International[/b][/brown][/size=6][/font=Georgia] is something we have all wanted for some time. How many times it has been said " my dog is not accepted show ring because of his coat color" or " I want to show my dog, however because he is Merle I can not." This is a registry for your Merle, your Brindle, your Designer Dog. All Breeds, sizes and colors not recognized by other registrations, i.e. Great Dane, Rat Terrier, Chihuahua and Greyhound, just to name a few. We will also be supporting the designer dogs currently registered with other registries. If your breed calls the color a fault, most likely we embrace it.Criteria is being worked on now and will be posted here when ready. We are open to Ideas and suggestions. To expand on what your group needs are, please feel free to voice your opinions.We will offer everything you want and more, we want your feedback , tell us what you want in YOUR community. As this registration gets off the ground we will need support from, you, the community.We will need the support of the entire Merle and brindle and designer dog community , this has been coming to a head for quite some time, it was only a matter of time before we had our own registry. We need your support to push forward, I hope we can count on you, as we know it has been as difficult for you as it has for all of us at times. Lets create own community, our own rules, we already broke all theirs. We are not here to remake any standard already out there, standards will remain the same, colors are the only item ever up for debate in the community. Breed standard is very important to maintain to keep the integrity of the breed, and the integrity as we move froward with a new registry.Supporting new designer breeding will be very touchy. Our stand on this matter is, we are not supporting new breeds cropping up just for the purpose of breeding dogs. However there are several breeds already recognized worldwide, we will recognize in this registry. This registry will be offering SHOWING for all of these beautiful breeds through our registry, something most if none currently have. But this will take time. We are currently building our Board of Directors, if you have experience in the field, in your breed, contact us and an interviewer will be in touch. Thank you for your support.

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