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Mixed breeds...

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[size=5]We saw our first mixed breed Newfoundland/Poodle Saturday. The owner referred to it (Simon) as a NewfyDoodle. Why? Would Newdle not be more appropriate? Just asking...[/size=5]

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I don't think it really matters, I lovingly and jokingly call my George a Great Bull Weiller, though I take pride in saying he is a mere mix breed and one I am very happy with and proud of, so proud in fact I have a new cross breed addition in our family :-)
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I do find it interest the names that are used for our mixed breeds. My girl is half American Eskimo and half American Cocker Spaniel but this cross was done 3 generations back. Her parents and grand parents are American Eskimo Spaniels (Cock-A-Mo). She is called a Cock-A-Mo here at this site but my breeder actually refers to her a an American Eskimo Spaniel. Her thoughts were that this makes all people look at her as a special breed vs a mutt as some people would call her.

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