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Boweimar anyone?

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I rescued my dog 3 years ago and was told he's a weimaraner, but he doesent really look like one (short ears, square face, stockier), so I just had him DNA tested and voila! hes half boxer half weim. It doesent really change a thing, I love him to bits, but it certainly explains some of his behavioral issues (he's very dominant). I couldnt find a whole lot of info regarding this mix and based on the pictures, it looks like they only come in black and occasionaly fawn? But my dog is dark grey (blue). Is it possible for them to come in blue, if the weimaraner parent is blue?

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Elvis and Mojo were more of a very dark gray when they were puppies. In photos they do appear black but you can see shades of the Brindle Boxer father in them and they still have a grayish sheen. I don't doubt that this breed could have more of a variety of color than what they photos give them credit for.

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