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Dougal D McWoof has a son

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Well we've had Dougal 9 months... he's come a long way from when we got him orphaned at 8 weeks old... And I have to say that as a long term owner of Westies and Skyes, this little Scoland has taken the biscuit. Neighbours asked if we would mate him with their Shi Tzu/Yorkie and we did... At nine months old he's the daddy to 8 healty pups who appear to have very little Shi Tzu in 'em [:D] In 5 weeks we take ownership of Charles Cameron McWoof who is shaping up as a fine little fellow... I'll post some pics in the gallery as and when, but so far he looks like his dad For point of reference, I can wholeheartedly recommend Scolands... the have the tenacity of all Scottish breeds and are as loving as a Westie. I should add that they are latently criminally intelligent!

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