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A day in the life of my family

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My name is Christelle. I run a Wildlife rehabilitation centre in Sout Africa. My family includes 1x Jack Russel, Spyker. 1x BoerboelX, Lola 1x Great Dane Tessa 1x Greatweimar Impi 2x Cats Kieter/Sylvester 1x Parrot. Polly 1x loving boyfriend Jaco I wake up in the morning at 05.15 from scratches coming from my door, first thing I do is put my hand on a very sleepy Spyker, trying to say good morning to him, but he refuses to wake up. I open the door to go out into the dining room. Kieter and Sylvester standing at the door, worried because I am not up yet, nearly causing me to break my neck, follows me to the kitchen where I give each of the a piece of cheese. Next stop the launge, where I give my parrot a loving kiss, fresh water, a piece of cheese and food. I open the security gate with lola standing outside ready to full on lick me good morning, Impi strugling to get up and Tessa still sleeping in her corner. 11.00 Spyker is still sleeping all the wild animals have had their meals and our training for the day begins. Lola is a ADD dog and training her is a no go. She can sit and lie down at least. Impi and Tessa are currently in training to be able to make them stay in one position until I call them. 14.00 Children have finally gotten the hang of the sit stay command and Jaco and I take them for their walk. 18.00 Children are tired and Spyker is finally awake, swinging his teddy by one ear trying to encourage the others to play with him. Parrot is let of his cage and wild animals are fed. Cats recieve their daily milk 20.00 Food is being prepared, Pets mince with egg and fish oil for the dogs, Milk and chiken for the cats and we can all go to sleep.

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