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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > Please help lol already worried to death and she hasn't even been born!

Please help lol already worried to death and she hasn't even been born!

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I have selected a Pomchi as the healthiest dog, after lots of research on genetics (but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) Will anyone who knows or owns a Pomchi please chime in on their health? What do I need to really look out for? Theres so many things but they can't ALL be common. Im so worried ahead of time because my sweet border collie recently died of a brain tumor at age seven. Inbreeding was thought to be a contributing factor, so I'm DONE with purebreds. Also, I believe the breeder I selected is a good one, but feel free to correct me on that as well. She only has 6 dogs in her breeding program. (4 poms and 2 chis) She does breed some tinies, but my potential puppy's parents are a 6.5 lb deer-head long haired black and white male chihuahua and a 7 lb light cream parti merle pomeranian. All dogs are AKC, CKC, ect. She primarily breeds purebred poms and chis but this will be her first Pomchi litter. The pomeranian has only had two litters before and one was a singleton. Not sure about how many the chihuahua has sired. The breeder is quite willing to let me come see the pups in their natural environment, even as early as two weeks (I wouldn't even feel comfortable doing it until at least 8 weeks)She doesn't have the dogs examined for pregnancy because the vet has given false negatives before so she doesn't see the point She isn't sure if the dog is pregnant yet (firt tie was on April 19) but that particular pom once gave birth to a puppy noone knew was there (that was when the vet was wrong) Please just help me figure out if this is my best bet for the longest, healthiest life possible. I was also looking at Pomchis mixed with jack russels, poodles, ect.

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this will be hard for most people to answer as all dogs are different. you cant just mix 2 dogs and say they wont have health issues cuz its just not true. you might get health issues that come from the pomeranian or health issues that come from the chihuahua. there are some dogs that have less health issues than most but none have "no health issues" it will all depend on how well you raise the pup and what you feed it and how well the breeder did during the breeding. a lot goes on in breeding besides just mating and letting the dogs pop out. food plays a big role and you have to know what food to feed during what weeks and how much to feed and when to worm the mother. breeding is an expensive hobby and if not done correctly there can be a lot of complications. good luck with your new puppy
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also most breeders dont let people come into their home until the pups are 6 weeks and recieve their first shots. you can risk the pups getting parvo by getting a lot of traffic throughout the house if they dont have their shots. seeing as she doesnt take her dogs to the vet anymore is a sign that i would find a new breeder. EVERY pregnant dog needs to see the vet all throughout her pregnancy and even needs a shot after the pups are born to clear out any infection. i would find a new breeder in my honest opinion

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