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Talking dog

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Our big old newfiepoo makes a aaooo-woooo growl greeting and some other talking sounds when he says hello. Seriously. Does anyone else's newfie do that?

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Our Newfypoo is new to us. We rescued him from a shelter less than a month ago. He is left alone for about 3 hours a day when someone goes to work and another is coming home. During this time my neighbor says he cries like a child. She thought it was one of her kids when she first heard him. He isn't eating much at all. We just figure he's been through a lot lately. Lost and adopted and all. Any suggestions on what these guys might like? Thanks
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I don't know what this Newfypoo would like but you are probably right about him going through alot and not sure of his new owners whether they are coming back or not. Maybe he always was with people and finding it hard now not tio have anyone around. At least he is not alone all day and once he gets use to the routine knowing he will not be alone for very long before another person is around will reasure him and that is what I would do. Make sure you talk to him and show him attention so he knows he is wanted and recognized. abbylane

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