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Discussions > Training > Pottytraining/Housetraining > New dox-bull puppy is confused

New dox-bull puppy is confused

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We have a 7 weeks old dox-bull puppy and right away we started taking him outside to potty. We would tell him "let's go potty" and walk towards the door and he would potty outside. This my grandson's dog and he is suppose to get up at night and take him out, he is 14. One night he was too tired to get up and the puppy was doing this little yelp and my grandson did not get up. So he went potty on the floor. Now the dog thinks this is great. He can go potty and not have to go outside. How do we stop this and get him back to going outside? Please help!! We have only had cats as inside pets and they do not require much training so we are lost.

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Speaking from my recent experience only....Get ready and brace yourself. A puppy that young can not hold it for long periods of time. There bladders are too small. The moment it whines it needs to go NOW!! During its 1st 6 months it would help if every family member took it outside as often as possible. I have a Chihuahua that if you do not put her outside as soon as you wake she will do #1 on the rug. My Pekehund was potty trained only on paper at 6 weeks from her former owners. I successfully potty trained her by moving the wee wee pads outside under a bush. She will only go in private when no one is making a fuss or watching. Recently, at age 1.5 years, she has decided to put her potty under the toilet. (she is too smart for her own good as I believe she would use the toilet if she could reach it) and has started using outdoors as her play yard and waits to go potty when she comes in. So I am using wee wee pads under the commode and I move them outside after she uses them. Dogs are individual. I can promise you this is the first of mamy little accidents a tiny puppy will have before reaching adulthood so get is part of owning a dog. But...the effort and dedication to get it potty trained now will be worth it in the long run. Place a wee wee pad by the door so he will have a place to go when HE needs to go. Not when You tell him to go. Eventually you can move the pad outside. I was as exasperated as you at potty training a tiny puppy. Keep doing what you're doing. You are doing everything right it is just they can't always hold it so have patience and it willl work out. Meanwhile keep paper towels and disinfecting spray handy. Good Luck!
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a puppy at that age (which you shouldnt even have cuz its illegal) should be out to potty EVERY HOUR dogs can start holding it for long hours once they are about 5-6 months of age. also you should never expect a 14 year old to solely care for the dog by himself. they just wont do it. i had a pitbull puppy that i would take our every hour and by the time she was 10 weeks she was fully potty trained but i kept with this schedule. and when she woke up at 3 in the morning i took her out again played with her a little and put her back in her kennel. puppies will need to potty when they first wake up, after play time, after an meal time, before bed and sometimes even during play time they will just stop and pee. you need to watch your dogs body language. if the dog is sniffing about it obviously needs to go out and pee.

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