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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > Concern - seizure like event.

Concern - seizure like event.

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Hi, new to your site. About me... I will struggle without a spell checker. Please forgive. Kylie is 3 years old. I think she may be the best dog in the world ;) We love her and she loves us. Smart, obedient, loving, HIGH energy, perfect in every way. Appears to be strong and healthy. Our concern... we have witnessed what I can only describe as a seizure like spell. She becomes very quite, sleepy looking, and has a slow shaking of her head, a Paulzie (sp?) like movement. Lasts only a minute. She has done it twice before last nights event. We are are very concerned. We mentioned it to the vet the first time it happened.. he said Labs sometimes have seizures. No other comments. Any information on this or suggested reading material? Thank you, Ray & Kylie

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Hi, I'm new here too. My 2 yr old Pomchi is having seizures. We don't know why. The vet is doing tests. But we think it is due to stress. Is this possible. He is very scared of popping noice, (fire craker noise)we had a lot of snow and he had a hard time with it. Trying to find his "spot".. then the fire with the wood popping. Is it possible? Thanks for the help.
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You might find that their blood sugar is low. I just lost a dog of 10 years (Chihuahua) and even though she had a mass in her belly and that was most likely cancer, her blood sugar was very, very low and that was why she was starting to have seizures. Young, small puppies can have low blood sugar and start to have seizures if they are not fed many times during the day and night. I just learned this a couple of years ago after reading a dog book. I guess it is a big gamble that we take when wanting to have small dogs in our lives.
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Also have your vet do a flutosimine (sp) test for diabetes.
Seizures are a symptom in dogs.
I almost lost my fur baby because of this.  

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