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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > My good friend's Beabull - bad rash - can someone please help?

My good friend's Beabull - bad rash - can someone please help?

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[?] I have a good friend who has a Beabull named Loki. She just lost her Boston to hemolytic anemia and now her 3 year old Beabull has a bright red rash on the inside of his thighs. He's been licking it some, which has made it worse, but it was already red when he started licking it. The vet doesn't seem to know what's wrong. I was hoping one of you Beabull experts here might have an idea what's wrong. I've only owned pugs, so I don't have any experience with this. The rash is limited to the inside of his thights and for the most part, it doesn't seem to bother him. He's a handful and a half, strong as an ox and so sweet. She brought him over today and he dominated my male pug (he's twice the size of my dogs at least) but tried to dominate my female and she put him right in his place, LOL. I suppose DH and I should transfer our mortgage papers into Maggie's name now. :-) Anyway, if anyone has any kind of answers or even guesses, I would greatly appreciate it. We live in a small town where the vets are okay but not exactly top notch (a couple of years ago, over the course of a year, I took my male pug to the vet five times in one year because he was refusing to walk - he was fine the rest of the time - I was told everything from he had gas to he was just having a bad day or a cold, whatever). Finally, I noticed he was stumbling during our walk. I took him in there and demanded he be seen and I wanted a diagnosis other than the crap they were giving me. It so happened there was a new vet there, they did an X-ray and his right hip was not only out of socket, it was pushed up and to the right. I asked how old the injury was and they said it was probably close to a year old. I almost punched the guy out. I went home and cried for hours, thinking how much the poor guy had suffered. $800 later and Bumper, almost 9, gets around pretty darned good now, though I had a screaming match with them that they undermedicated him for pain after the surgery. All I could do was stay away with him all night and hold him while he whimpered. I was supposed to give him one pill a day. The next day, I gave him 1/2 of one in the morning and a full one in the evening and he did much better. Needless to say, I have another vet. I've had enough surgeries myself to know what it's like to be undermedicated. I swear - they must do vet courses over the Internet now. Again, thanks so much for listening and any help you can give. Oh, and she wants to get another dog. Do you know if Beabulls get along with Frenchies or English Bulldogs? God bless you all and all your babies. Tammy, Bumper and Maggie.

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with any mixed breed its good to look at both the breeds in the mixes health issues. it could have food allergies and has developed a rash from licking consistantly. it could also be ringworm. you can always try putting jock itch cream or atheletes foot cream on it and that should help (if its a fungal infection) im surprised your vet didnt do a skin scraping to see what it was. i have a fantastic book that i will recommend to you. its called the dog owners at home veterinary handbook and it is AMAZING! tells you everything you need to know!

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