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Royal Canin Urinary SO Dog Food

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My dog has been diagnosed with bladder stones and was given a special diet of Royal Canin Urinary SO canned dog food by the vet. He seems to like it enough and it has a high water content. I have been told since he has had calcium oxalate bladder stones 2 times now and has had surgery both times, all that he can have to eat is water and this canned food. I am just wondering if he is missing any other nutrients? Also would like to know if there is other food he would be allowed to eat that would cause these specific calcium oxalate bladder stones?

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I do not have an answer but I have learned that the wrong food for your dog can cause all kinds of problems. I am on the search for good advise and quality food for my dog. My dog's trainer has just told me that Royal Canin from the vet is in the top 10 worse food to give your dog. At this point Royal Canin from the vet is what I am feeding. I am like you just looking for answers.

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