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Dear Discussion members, My name is Amy. I have a husband named Mike. Two daughters named Heather and Laurel. And a roommate(Who I roomed with during college) named Lisa. Lisa lives with us because we promised each other we'd live together for the rest of our lives, married or not. I am a certified Vet and so is Mike. Our daughters have been begging for puppies ever since they could talk. But we firmly said no. 2 reasons A) My husband was still in Vet College B) I was still in Vet College. But now Mike and I are out of college and ready for puppies. We have been thinking of getting Cockapoos because 1) We've heard they don't shed 2) They range from 10-20pds, which is perfect for our family. So we'll be checking this site out and HOPEFULLY, finding a couple puppies for our family Signed, Amy

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