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Looking for the right crossbreed for me

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Hi, I'm Deb and new here. I could really do with some good advice. I really want to get a dog, but due to my own ill-health and my partner's preferences, it needs to fulfill certain requirements. The two main things are that it needs to be a dog which doesn't drop hair, and which doesn't require much walking. We have a good-sized house and a medium-sized garden and could take it for one short walk per day, but long walks would not happen not very often. I love the appearance of short-haired, hound-type dogs, but want the non-shedding of a poodle. I also think a small dog (maybe very small) would suit us, cos it won't want to walk so far, and will take up less space in our home and car (which would please my husband). A dog which is not too demanding in any respect would be good. I am at home most of every day, and would give it love, but it would be good if the dog was not so highly strung it would not be left at all, etc. My family owned a poodle as a child, and as an adult I have owned a greyhound and worked in a greyhound racing kennels, so I am quite familiar with dogs' needs in general. I was wondering about a chipoo. Can anyone comment on that idea or make alternative suggestions? I want to do a lot of research before I commit to any dog. BTW I am in the UK. Thanks in advance! Deb :)


Deb, At first I was going to heartily recommend a schnorgi, as ours doesn't shed a lot & he has a wonderful temperament (he does well in his crate while we are at work during the week) BUT he does require a LOT of exercise. We walk him 3 times per day: morning and lunch hour we put him on our home treadmill and after work we walk him in our neighborhood--sometimes I'll put him on the treadmill to relieve some extra energy during in between regular walks. (We actually walk together for 35 minutes every morning on the treadmill together.) He LOVES any kind of walk and is very healthy and fit. My husband and I joke that care more about our puppy's fitness than our own!! I wonder if a poodle mix might be the best fit for your low energy household. Regardless, I wish you the best! J
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Hi Deb, I have a Chipoo and while she is small and laid back, I find her very demanding when it comes to attention. She is a dream for me, because I have that empty nest thing going on and having her "need" me as much as she does is great for me. She likes to walk but her favorite thing is running at her fastest speed around the yard. She doesn't shed but has inherited some traits of both breeds; allergies and dry skin which causes her to itch and has to take childrens allergy meds and dry ears that I have to put drops in. As far as a loyal, wonderful, sweet pet, the Chipoo is as far as I am concerned the best there is. And so extremely smart!! My Sophie talks to me when she wants something, mainly when it is time for bed and knows everyone in the family, even our other 4 legged children, by name. Good Luck in your search! Tina
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i honestly wouldnt recommend that you get a dog. dogs take a lot of time and need plenty of exercise (yes even the small ones) you have to remember that dogs were bred to fulfill a purpose and if not having their needs met they can be quite destructive. my dogs get 5 hours of vigorous play and plenty of mental stimulation. you cant just get a dog and expect it to sit around the house with only being walked once a sorry but i would suggest a cat....

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