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Discussions > Training > Behavior > Getting Pom-a-Poo to go outside alone

Getting Pom-a-Poo to go outside alone

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My Ziley is around 7 months. She will only go outside for me. It is frustrating. She is not afraid of my husband but will not interact with her. Also, she will not stay outside alone to just play. I have tried just leaving her out there and she spends the entire time jumping on the door. Any suggestions?

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I have a almost 3 month old pom/Chi/Yorkie. I have found with all my dogs that they are really treat driven. I had forgotten what really did the trick with my 2 year old Chihuahua to get him to go out and do his business every time. It was treats. I take her (the chorkie/pom) out and tell her to go potty and she immediately goes and I give her a treat and now she is going out by herself (most of the time). Do you have other dogs? I find that by having other dogs she is more easily persuaded to go out without me. Your dog might just like being with you where mine is very adventurous and will explore my yard for a long time by herself before she comes in.

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