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Colitis and high fiber

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Hi All, I am not sure if anyone out there has a puppy diagnosed with colitis?? Roxie was diagnosed 1 year ago and it has been agony for my poor baby. At least once a wk she would have a very 'liquid stool' that contained 'blood'. As result of her soft stool, her anal gland would not empty (which can cause infection) and let me tell was not pleasant! Even though she would still eat and play....poor thing could not keep any food in her little tummy. WELL.....I finally figured out the solution!!! High fiber diet [:D]I have had Roxie on the new food for approx. 3 months now and not one problem! Her appetite has doubled and her energy level is sky high. She loves her new food! There is only one down fall with high fiber....she goes potty atleast 3 times a day.

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