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Discussions > Breed Specific > American Bandogge > Does anyones Bandogge snore?

Does anyones Bandogge snore?

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Out of all the dogs i have had Goliath is the only dog i have ever had the snored and I mean loudly. He can wake up the house with it and i was wondering if any other bandogge do it or is it just him?

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My Hemi snores alot, sometime quite loud, he even dreams you can see him running(LOL). But my Chow snores even louder, silly boyz
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My dog does not snore but my daughter has 2 lab crosses and they can snore up a whole block. They both are also huge dreamers and run and growl and bark in there dreams which is really funny to watch but it is especially funny when they start do the running motion in their sleep.

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