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What am I?

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I was just wondering if you all can help me guess this little girls breed. The shelter said GSD / Lab but I have one of those and she dosnt look anything like him. She is 8 months old and she weighs in at 61.8 lbs and is 26 inches at the shoulder. I really dont care what she is cuz I love her no matter what and Im sure all she cares about is that she is alive. She was 10 weeks old at a high kill shelter and ready to be put down. Here are some pictures. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] and as you can see in this pic she is almost as tall as her big brother [IMG][/IMG] Thanks for any help Amy

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Hi there, I only managed to access one photo of your beatiful girl but I would say she definately has Great Dane in her, I have a Great Dane x Rotti/Bull Mastiff and a 3/4 Rotti with 1/4 Great Dane.  She is gorgeous btw :-)

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