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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > Has anyone seen this on their dog? Need help indentifying spot.

Has anyone seen this on their dog? Need help indentifying spot.

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Hi. My dog, a 2-year old, Pom-Chi recently had a spot appear on her bottom lip. It looks like a big pimple, bright pink. She's had it once before and it cleared up on its own. Her appetite is still good. She has been cleaning and licking herself more frequently recently. Her teeth are in good shape, she had an exam and cleaning in Nov. I'd appreciate any guidance. What it is? Do I need to worry? I can post if it helps. Thanks.

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My dog got a pimple similar to this on her leg. The pimple was hard and just on the skin you could easily move it around my moving the skin. It was not attached to anything other than the skin. I took her to the vet right away. My vet had a name for it but I cannot remember the word and said this can happen on the legs or face but in time will scab over and then disappear. The vet did say there are things like tumors and other conditions but on examination it was not one of these things. They are not sure what causes them but there is no health risk for your dog. It lasted about 2 months then just disappeared. The nice thing about it was my vet  did not even charge me for the visit.

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