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preg. chiweenie

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she looks like she is ready to have them some one left in a box on my purch with a note please take care of her we are moving. i always like thier dog so then they moved she became mine DO I NEED TO HEPL HER HAVE HER PUPPYS WHO CUTS THE CORD???? i made a place 4 her will she use it i show to her 3-4 times a day

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Do you have a vet that you use? With any tiny dog, it can be very hard for them to have puppies, especially if the father was a larger dog. You should take her to your vet and have him check the size and number of pups. He will be able to tell you right away if she can deliver on her own or if she will need help. Small dogs can often die if trying to deliver pups that are too big to birth easily. I have had chihuahuas for many years so I know the problems you can have with smaller breeds. Best of luck with your new "mommy" dog. [:)]

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