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Hey Maspyr owners~!

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I have a beautiful female Maspyr who will soon be coming into her first heat. I am considering not spaying her right away. Because she is such a great dog, I may be considering letting her have pups after she has passed the first heat. Do any of you have a male Maspyr whom you think is superior? I posted my pup's picture under the Maspyr (Suma).


Hi there! I have an English Mastiff that I am considering breeding to a Pyrenees (if I can find her a stud that is) and was wondering if you could give me some advice about the breed?  I am wondering how they do with livestock...if they inherit the strong desire to guard them from the Pyrenees?  Do you happen to know that?  Also, if they would be ok as an outside dog? I have read that they can be but haven't actually talked to anyone that has done this.  We have chickens and are getting goats and they need a protector as we have lots of preditors.  I don't want to torture any dog by making it an outside dog if it's not cut out for it though.  Any other advice about the breed?  You don't happen to have any pups do you or plan to have some next fall?  I see you were trying to find a mate for yours earlier in the year.  If I could find one reasonably priced with parents as sweet as my girl is I'd consider buying one instead of mating mine!  Thanks so much!

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