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Some things that help

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I'm not sure how much applies to larger dogs; my dog is a smaller dog. So, this is based off of that experience. Before day of flight: Call airline. Make sure the flight has not been changed, delayed, etc. Verify that they have recorded you down as bringing in a pet. Day of flight: 1. Walk your dog around and tire them out a bit before the flight. This helps them be more tired and less fidgetty on the plane. 2. Go earlier to your airport. It will take longer because they need to see shots papers. 3. Bring chewy bone for them if they're in cabin with you. I also brought yogurt drops (but I think any small edible treat would work) so that it encourages the dog to chew and swallow something during takeoff and landing. I think that it is possible that dogs' ears re-pressurize similar to human ears, in that swallowing something may fix the pressure problem. 4. I put one of those pamper-things on him. I know those are probably for female dogs in heat. However, the awkwardness of having a pamper on seemed to keep my dog from even wanting to go while on the plane. o_O Also, plan your flights such that if you have a layover, it's a longer layover so you may be able to take your puppy out to go potty, if it's a younger puppy. If it's an adult dog, it might be fine holding it in for longer periods. 5. Don't feed your puppy a lot of food and water while on the flight or before the flight. 6. I used a screen in front of a small battery powered fan, and made it such that there's no way my dog could stick his tongue in or get hurt. Then I attached this to the side of his carrier so that he would not get too hot and stuffy while in the foot-area of the cabin. The whole thing cost about $10.

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