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Hi from So. Cal

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I lost my 15 year old JRT just before Christmas and am in search of a small mix/"designer" dog.
Does anyone know a breeder out here for Morkie's, Maltipoo's, Poochan's, or Papoo's?
Pet stores scare me because of "puppy mills. I want to see the parents.


Be very careful in the breeder you select. The vast majority of designer dog "breeders" are no better than puppy mills. You want to select a responsible breeder who does health testing on both parents. Most designer dog breeders just put 2 dogs together and are not responsible. You will also want a health guarantee from the breeder that is good for at least 2 years. I have found that most designer dog breeders only offer a 1 year guarantee. 1 year is insufficient as most genetic disorders show up after a year.
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Thanks for the advice.
I stopped by my vet's yesterday with the same question. They have a few breeders, not back yard breeders, for whom they provide the services you mentioned.  I've got some numbers now and a starting place.
I know when I got my JRT 15 + years ago, the breeder told me if anything health wise occured within two years to bring him back. Of course we had fallen in love with him and wouldn't have returned him even if something had turned up.
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Hi everyone!
After much searching, I have me the prettiest little girl.
On Mother's Day I rescued the sweetest, most loving, Malti-poo from our local shelter. She is white with cream tips on her ears and tail, and approximately 6 months old.
My vet said she is most probably all Maltese, but I figured I'd pass on the DNA testing...expensive!
She definately has the Maltese coat and temperament. I had to have her groomed of course, and had her put into a puppy cut so her coat will grow out evenly.
She was not chipped nor reported missing anywhere.
How anyone could allow this sweetheart to get out and not even report her missing is beyond me.
She now has a very protective Mom(as far as front yard is concerned...leash only).
Although the back yard is a different story. She roams it freely, going in and out the doggie door.
And yes...she discovered DIRT! UGH! I was planting flowers, and you know the rest.
TTYL as "Little Miss Priss" is demanding my attention.
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Me again...
I forgot to add that she is now chipped, spayed, had all her shots, and thinks she's a cat!
You read correctly. She and my tortie Siamese sleep together in her crate. The kitty grew up with my JR so they are BOTH confused. Cat thinks she's a dog, and the dog thinks she's a cat.
Go figure!

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