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Breeders in US?

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Does anyone know of a Newfypoo in the US or Canada? I have not been able to find one breeder.

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 I am trying to find out the same thing.  Wonder why we can't find one?
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The reason would be the health problems. There are some great breeders who do all the testing and im sure you will find one :)
but then there are others who have experimented with unhealthy dogs and then aborted the mission.
good luck :)
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Hi! Actually I raise Newfypoos and St Berdoodles. They are amazing breeds! No drool and less shedding. Perfect for allergy homes!!!! As for health issues none report so far! Actually your designer dogs are more healthy than your purebreds!!! Great for allergy homes and we have several as therapy dogs!
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Interesting comment about designer dogs being healthier than purebreds. I would like to pose this question. Are designer dogs really healthier or it is that purebred dog owners take their dogs to the vet more often? I would also be interest in hear about length of life span for designer dogs compared to purebred dogs.

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