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Hello. Need Maspyr info

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Hi everyone! My name is Jen. This is a great community :) I am hoping to find more info about Maspyr's from people who have adults.  I have an English Mastiff and am would like to cross her with a Pyrenees.  I have not heard back from any stud owners as of yet but want more info before I do go ahead with this plan.  My girl has an amazing temperment.  She is slightly shy with anyone new but never aggressive at all!  She will warm up quickly especially if you are not a loud person :) She is on the small size for an English Mastiff weighing in at only 100 lbs.  We have chickens and a bunny and soon will have goats.  We've had bad fox problems and I don't want to lose anything else.  I am not really into the Pyrenees by itself but love what I've read so far about the cross.  My questions are these to current adult owners of the Maspyr: would they truly make a good outdoor dog and would they have the natural instinct the Pyrenees has to guard livestock?  I have read they will make good outdoor dogs but my Mastiff would NOT and all the pics I've seen of the Mastiff seem to resemble the Mastiff's coat.  But I am thinking it maybe is thicker than the Mastiff's coat.  Also, any other advice on the breed would be great!THanks so much!


Why are you looking to breed your dog? Do you have experience breeding your dog? Have you had your dog tested for genetic disorders?
Breeding dogs is not as simply as putting 2 dogs in the same room and hoping for the best. Unless you have experience or know someone who will help you out its probably not the best idea to be breeding.

It's a bit frustrating trying to get started breeding.  I have researched a lot online and had my dog to our vet.  I have taken books out of the library although they are very limited.  The Pyranese breeder has given me infomation as well about her breed and the pregnancy and whelping.  I feel I am being responsible.  Why do other breeders not remember how they got started?  All responses sadly are like this one.  Judgmental, assuming this is just "an experience".  I just wanted information specifically about a few areas of Maspyr.  It's a newer cross making research for the breed more difficult. It does seem to be an awesome breed from the limited information so we are currently having our Mastiff bred.  I will be sure to post as much info as I can about the breed as we will be keeping one or two puppies (and yes we have homes lined up already for others) so that others can benefit from it. 

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