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New Mastador Owner

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Hi my name is Amber, my mum just  brought me a Mastador puppy for my birthday.
Until today I had never heard of Mastador's, we brought Lacey from a women who was not sure of her exact breeds. Looking at her face my mum and I were both sure she was either part Sharpei or part Mastive we just were not sure which. Eventually we figured out the breeds we thought she is and today I typed then in to google which brought me here to the Mastador page. After looking at some of the Mastador photos I was excited to finally know what she is!
Lacey is just over 12 weeks old, We took her for her 1st vet check last week and she was very well behaved! She was only to happy to lap up the attention of anyone willing to give it and did not fight getting her 1st puppy vaccs. She is very much a mama's girl, she follows me all over the house and if she cant get to me she cried until I go get her, she sleeps on my bed at night and sits with me watching tele.

In three weeks she is due for her 2end Vaccs which the vet said after it we can take her off our property I cant wait to take her to the river with my mums dog Dakota (a husky x).
Could anyone please tell me around about how big she will grow?
Cheers Amber & Lacey

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