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Discussions > Food & Nutrition > Food > I did a little bit dry dog food research

I did a little bit dry dog food research

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i have my little Papeagle 1,5 years now. Since my cats in Germany always got Science Diet and Iams i thought that must be good for dogs too and it was the only brand i already knew but i wasn't sure since there are so many different pet food brands in the US and so my research started. And beside that, i never trusted tv commercials. I tried out Halo, Blue, Wellness Core and the little bit cheaper but good Merrick food (brands you can get at Petco).  Charlie didn't seem to like any of them,that doesn't mean they are bad, i do believe those brands are good, he was just not impressed lol.   So i had to go on looking for a food which is good for him and one he likes as well.  I spent hours and hours online and in the end asked my friend to join and help me lol. We checked (ingredients, fiber, byproducts!, protein, fat and all that stuff) all the dog foods they have at Petco, grocery stores and even food you only can order online. High dollar food and cheap store brands. I was shocked and surprised in the same time. I ended up now feeding Flint River Ranch dog food which i cant get in stores, i have to order online directly. Natural, holistic dog food. He likes it and i am happy we finally found a food which is good for him and affordable as well. He is a small dog, he gets 1/2 cup twice a day, the 20 lbs. bag lasts forever. Best thing is the delivery is free and very fast, doesn't take longer than 3 days. After the research i even switched my cats from Science Diet to Merrick now  (can't afford the FFR dry food for the cats, cat food there is high dollar)  I gladly share the list me and my friend made if someone is interested (only shows food you can purchase at Petco).

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I would like to know more about your search. I am presently looking at all kinds of dogs food to try and find something that is good for my dog. She has allergies and the Royal Canin medical for allergies from the vet which is very expensive is just not working. I read about grain free food and the protein, fat, carbohydrate break down but I am still not sure what way to go.
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If you want, contact me via email and i can tell you more about it. Thank you.
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Just and update for all my dog is now on raw or homemade food and doing wonderful. No more processed any thing for my girl.

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